Achy Body Balm

  • Topical anti inflammatory, fast pain relief for aching muscles, joint pain, muscular headaches and neck tension. Immediate results.


    • Relief from painful joints and arthritic conditions
    • Fast relief from muscular tension and discomfort
    • Anti-inflammatory action
    • Helps to minimise bruising
    • Fantastic sports rub to increase circulation and loosen the muscle
    • May be helpful for clearing sinus and decongesting chest congestion
    • All natural ingredients will not interfere with medications
    • Helpful for people who cannot take anti-inflammatories for pain
    • Effective in only 5 mins on rheumatic pain
    • Will not burn and sting fragile skin
    • Much safer and healthier alternative to other leading linaments and gels for pain relief


    Camphor menthol, pleasant, not overpowering.



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