Love Your Face Ritual



Don’t have time to do a skincare routine every day or night?

I’ve heard so many women say this over the years. If you have time to brush your teeth morning and night you can easily incorporate this simple skincare routine too.  You will be suprised just how good your skin will look once you start a regular skin routine with a product like ours. 

  • Start with the intention for feeling love.
  • Set your space in a peaceful clear part of your room or bathroom
  • Gaze at your reflection - avoid any criticism just look with kindness.
  • Spritz around your head area and inhale Dream Spritz to relax.
  • Use a postive loving affirmation. 
  • Apply your creamy cleanser Hydrating or Balancing 
  • Wash off with warm water or sponge off and pat dry.
  •  Spriz with Hydrating or Balancing Toner.
  • Drop a few drops of Renewal Serum directly to the face, throat and chest area. Massage into the skin using upward motions. Use a facial roller for extra care. 
  • Apply a small amount of Aroma-Moist Extra or Aroma-Moist Light smoothe into face, throat and chest area.  
  • Apply Exotic Body Butter and massage in upwards sweeping motions all over body. 
  • Facial Sets are available here  Magnolia, Aloe Tea, Sweet Myrtle or Moonflowergift boxed rituals.

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