Terms & Conditions


BodyScents aims to provide a quality of service on its site at all times. When outside instances, situations or failures prevent BodyScents from providing this service, BodyScents, it's employees , representatives or associates will not be held responsible for these times. There will be instances where things are out of our control and normal service will be resumed as soon as it is possible.


BodyScents does have links to other sites that host other businesses. We want to provide another service that brings more quality Funky products to your attention so that you don't have to find them yourself. BodyScents is not responsible for any activity an individual or group has with these external businesses or sites. We hope any experience you have with these external sites is a positive one.

Intellectual Property & Photography

BodyScents provides a great deal of independent photography and imagery of the products for the site. All images, logos and designs belonging to BodyScents Pty Ltd exclusively are under copyright .Any other images (Photographic, rendered or otherwise) has been provided courtesy of designers, suppliers and manufacturers and are used on the site with their permission. These independent images and related information belong to them, and is also protected under their own copyright. Any imagery can be supplied. Unauthorised use of material on this website may violate Global copyright laws and Global trademark laws .You only have to ask.

Intellectual property that is viewed on the site belongs to either BodyScents or its suppliers, designers or manufacturers and is not to be copied . Any infringement, illegal copying or duplicating of any material or product will result in legal action being taken. You wouldn't want someone to steal your ideas would you! Please don't steal ours or our designers.

Disclaimer of Liability

Every effort has been made to supply, complete, accurate and reliable information for all material (written or pictorially) on the site. All information is liable to change, added to and updated at any time without notice. This information is to be used as a guide and not to be used as an instruction in regards to any product or service on BodyScents web site. If you are in doubt in any way as to the accuracy of any given or supplied information, check with an independent source. BodyScents is not liable for any loss, claims, liabilities, expenses (Legal or otherwise), tort (including negligence) arising from and including any direct or indirect failure by any persons using any product, goods or services incorrectly or improperly from BodyScents.

If it says "Store in Cool Dark Place" please know this is for the integrity of the product to stay good condition.  Essentially, please read the instructions and be responsible for the care of your products. 

Competitions & Prizes

All competitions and prize draws carried out by or supplied by BodyScents Pty Ltd are for the purpose of BodyScents Pty Ltd and are not shared by any other site or business. BodyScents Pty Ltd reserves the right to change at any time the prizes advertised for its competitions. Employees and staff of BodyScents are not entitled to enter our competitions. BodyScents Pty Ltd reserves the right to cancel, change or reschedule any competition if any unauthorised entrant or wrongdoing is discovered. See competition page for complete information.

Refunds and Returns

Please choose carefully before making a purchase. Having buyer's remorse or buyer's regret is not a reason that we can accept for returning your purchase back to us. If the item is faulty, not working correctly or if it is proven to be defective we can we carry out a refund. See returns policy for full details.

We do have a refund guarantee if the products irritate your skin. This must be made in writing.