Our Story

Bodyscents natural skincare was founded by Linda Chatwin, a natural therapist and wellness practitioner qualified in aromatherapy and holistic therapies, who has consulted for many years with clients on health and healing. Linda began creating Bodyscents skincare in 2000, to provide a gentle, effective and ethically sustainable alternative to big name skincare brands.

Linda’s passion for natural health, combined with her own former skin challenges, developed into a desire to create her own line of holistic skin care and healing products. When seeing clients suffering with eczema and other skin irritations from chemical laden products in her consultation rooms, Linda created natural herbal creams in small batches lovingly by hand to treat their concerns. As ‘word of mouth’ demand grew for Linda’s therapeutic treatments, she quickly realized that a natural, safe and ethical alternative, that also smelled divine and made you feel beautiful, was needed for people with sensitive skin.

Linda expanded her technical knowledge by training with the best in Australia for natural chemistry in cosmetics and aromatherapy, and in France for perfumery. The Bodyscents skincare range has been constantly refined and improved over the years to ensure it is effective and achieves visible improvements in the tone, clarity and texture of your skin.

Linda’s values around family health and wellness, the beauty of the natural world and her desire to be a conscious contributor for future generations are at the core of the Bodyscents brand. Her mystical inquisitive nature ensures that she constantly seeks new ways to express the beauty of the natural world to her clients.

Linda’s driving desire is to educate people about the dangers of developing harmful disease from everyday personal care products and toxic food compounds. She stages speaking events across Australia to educate, inspire and assist the healing of not only skin complaints but also to avoid more serious health concerns.

Linda is dedicated to ensuring that the connection you will enjoy with our Bodyscents skincare range will be different to anything you have used before. It’s an experience of our natural world to help you connect to its ancient messages of love, respect and beauty.