Our Commitment

At Bodyscents, we are committed to a ‘cause no harm’ approach to everything we do. We want to walk lightly on the earth and change it for the better.

In practical terms, this means that we take action to ensure the creation of our product causes no harm to ourselves, our customers, the earth, the waterways, animals and all living things.

We are registered with the Cruelty Free Foundation and are vegan friendly - we do not use animal products or products that have been tested on animals in any Bodyscents product. 

We support sustainable practices in the production of our products, so we are not producing harmful waste in the waterways or using unnecessary or unrecyclable packaging.

We remain a proudly Australian made and owned company.

We support causes that assist feed and educate underprivileged children and women in Australia and overseas. We have also been a regular financial support partner of Greenpeace since our initial humble beginnings.

Won Heart

Our own fund is called Won Heart. Won Heart means the desire that we are all of one heart, one cause while the spelling ‘won’ heart symbolises that which wins over our hearts.

Won Heart is a charity fund that was created when Bodyscents founder Linda was visiting an orphanage in Bali, Indonesia and was touched by the children there with special needs. There was little integration with them in the community due to the stigma. She created a program where the children were creating a piece of art from their own photography. This becomes a new skill that can be taught to and then sold to tourists to raise awareness for the orphanage.

For every dollar that our customers spend, we contribute a portion of this to our Won Heart fund to support the orphanage and other causes such as refuges for abused women and children.

We are all about conscious beauty for better wellbeing and a better world.