self love and daily Love your Face



We see the nurturing of the skin and body as one of the most important self-love rituals you can do in a day.


It’s a sensory journey back the embodiment of the divine feminine energy that is you

We can get caught up in the needs of others…our partners, family, children, work etc but if we don’t fill our own cup first we end up with nothing left to give.


Our founder has been coaching and mentoring women for many years.

What she has observed is that a daily self-love practice is the simplest and most successful tool for a woman to give back to herself. When we use the energetically charged skincare and healing products on the skin it gives us a sensory journey of smell & touch.

Smell is our first sense to get stimulated at birth and the last sense to leave us in death.

Touch and smell are two senses that are less valued on our visually stimulated environments.


These senses bring us into deeper spiritual awareness of ourselves.

So our invitation to you is to take at least 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening to shut the door. Tune out of your wi-fi devices and other interruptions and take this time to apply your skincare routine.

Tune into the smell of the product. Feel the texture. Take the time to self-massage your body and look in the mirror to say your positive affirmations.


It’s a practice of loving the SELF. When we fully accept and love ourselves we can more fully love and accept others. This makes us feel more peaceful and at one with our loved ones and everyone around us. It’s simple and effective just like our skincare.

Life’s not too complicated really when we break it down.

Love the skin you’re in….Love you first so you can love as a whole and completely embodied woman when we love others.





Don’t have time to do a skincare routine every day or night? If you knew it could help you be more attractive would you do it?


I’ve heard so many women say this over the years. It’s not vanity it’s a state of grace and BEING to love your face enough to nurture it. I believe many make exuces for why they don’t care for themselves enough and with good products. Those same people will usually brush their teeth each day so if you do this then you have time for a little self love each day for your face and body!



  • Start with the intention of giving to yourself and filling your own cup
  • Set your space in a peaceful clear part of your room or bathroom
  • Preferably in front of the mirror
  • I suggest you start with a spritzer of Dream or Bliss Mist to set the scene and scent.
  • Say your affirmation into the mirror at your own reflection and use eye contact
  • You will receive your affirmation once you sign up HERE link
  • Apply your facial ritual in this order and you may continue affirmation at least 4 times. Powerful in repeated 7 times.
  • Cleanse – Exfoliate – Toner – Serum – Aroma-Moist- Eye Crème – self massage the body butter in circular motions around the abdomen and around the thighs, breasts and over the rest of your skin and body where required. Paying attention to the womb area and breasts is a way to evoke the divine femine energy into yoru life.
  • Once you become a B TIRBE PURE LOVE member with Magnolia, Aloe Tea, Sweet Myrtle or Moonflowergift boxed rituals you will also receive facial mask recipes for your skin type and other bonus samples to add in to your ritual.

Check out daily ritual boxes here and see what is best for my skin(link)




The Power of Affirmations & Touch


Every time we practice the words of affirmation we are giving signals to the brain and the unconscious mind to take on this information and believe it is true.

Some affirmations will feel more real to you than others and resonate deeper. Practice those affirmations more often and if something just feels untrue and does not resonate then move on to another that does.


Touch and aromatherapy while doing affirmations is a powerful ‘hook’ or ‘anchor’ into taking you deeper into accessing that unconscious state where you will feel the message in a deeper way and your brain will take on that information as truth much easier.


Our actions come from our beliefs and our thoughts create our beliefs. Can you begin to see the power in these simple daily practices of self-love?


When we believe in our own power and beauty then others will too and the universe begins offering many magnificent opportunities for beauty and positive connections.

Watch out for little daily blessings while you are doing these practices.


We promise if you bring your awareness to it…you will sense the difference.



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