Events & Retreats

We have a beautiful holistic retreat running each year either in WA, Australia over a weekend or in beautiful Bali over a week. Bodyscents holistic retreats

Please register your interest here in our next retreat event to receive details and maybe an invitation to attend! 

Want to learn more about conscious beauty and the holistic approach to health and wellbeing?


Bodyscents founder Linda Chatwin’s exclusive seminar In Your Face - Insider Secrets on Skincare, Health and Natural Anti-ageing will give you a greater insight into ‘traditional’ vs holistic beauty approaches.

In Your Face - Insider Secrets on Skincare, Health and Natural Anti-ageing 

Did you know that many chemicals included in commercial skincare today are carcinogenic or found to contribute to adverse health effects? In FACT many of those chemicals contribute to wrinkles!

In Your Face - Insider Secrets will be packed with information about the top dozen things you need to avoid in your skincare NOW for a longer, healthier life and greater vitality.  Learn Linda’s insider secrets gleaned from over 20 years as a holistic health professional, including:

  • What the skincare companies don’t want you to know
  • The most important list of chemicals to eliminate from your skincare and personal products immediately
  • Why more expensive ‘big name’ products aren’t necessarily more effective
  • How your face gives you tell-tale signs of the health of your organs
  • The true causes of acne and other health related skin disorders and how to resolve this distressing problem
  • The 7 major causes of aging skin and natural ways to delay the process and reduce the visible signs
  • Discover a simple plan for of nutrition for more hydrated healthy and supple skin
  • Learn more about traditional Chinese medicine practices of face reading for health so you can check your own health barometer in the mirror each day
  • Learn simple steps to take back control of your health and detox slowly and naturally
  • Natural recipes for skincare and nutrition you can use immediately to improve specific symptoms and reduce the visible signs of ageing.

In Your Face Seminar / Webinar


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