Exotic Body Butter - Best Body Moisturiser

  • Exotic Natural Body Butter uses organic ingredients for your natural health and skin vitality. Its a lush body moisturiser to feed the skin and maintain radiant youthful looking skin whilst the sensual aromatherapy benefits soothe the soul with a blend of intoxicating aromas. 90% Certified Organic Ingredients.


    • Replenish and moisturise the skin
    • Protect skin from the elements
    • Repair damaged dry and/or fragile skin
    • Restore skin elasticity
    • Feed the skin with Vitamin E
    • Sensual, alluring and grounding natural perfume
    • Add instant lustre to the skin without being oily and sticky
    • Great after sun body product to encourage tanning and reduce the effects of burn
    • Contains aprox 90% certified organic ingredients


    Sensual woody spicy



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